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Andy Seymour set-up AGS Broker Services in 2012 after two decades working within the card machine, energy and communications industries. Andy is one of the few brokers experienced to assess business needs, advise on potential savings, manage the installation of card machines, energy and telecoms services and offer merchant cash advance. As a result, AGS Broker Services has become a trusted partner for a range of businesses both local to his Lincolnshire-based company and countrywide.


AGS Broker Services will never act without your consent or switch you to a service that doesn’t decrease your costs and/or improve your efficiency.

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All you need to do to take advantage of our services is email or call.

Office: 01526 341330 or Mobile: 07486313986

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Personal Hygiene
COVID-19 Information

AGS Broker Services has maintained services in-line with government advice on coronavirus (COVID-19). Customer safety is our priority and we have implemented the following:

  • we will not visit customers if we know we have COVID-19

  • we regularly use hand sanitiser

  • please inform us if you prefer to maintain precautionary measures

  • we can limit contact to phone, email or messaging, as well as remaining 2m distant and wearing a mask.

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